Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A great referrel!

I think you all should go here .

You will see some of the most beautiful eyes you will ever care to!

Thanks Jen! I really am thankful you uploaded them all for me! :)


Mrs. Vicky Smith said...

What a beautiful young woman in the making. Enjoy every moment with Your Olivia. You never know when Mr. Command will come along and sweep her off her feet and take her away to another continent.

Wish we could all get together this weekend. I am really having Vannah withdrawals...I need some quality girl talk!

Victoria said...

Your daughter is beautiful - just like her mother!:)

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures liv!! <3 ch

Savannah said...

Olivia is a such beauty! And just as beautiful inside as outside!

JulieMom said...

Loving the one in the hat!

Great photos! Hard to believe it's that time already...flies by, that's for sure.

Isa said...

Beautiful pics Jan!! She's gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Thanks for giving us the link. I can hardly believe she's graduating - already! Time just flies by when it comes to our kids.

In the photo with the hat she looks so much like my mental image of you as a teenager (I'm sure she won't think that's a compliment but I do!)

Andrea Pitcher