Friday, April 17, 2009

2009 thus far...

By the looks of my blog, one would think 2009 has been less than stellar. Au Contraire, mon amie. I have had time to breathe only fleetingly between other moments of "extreme life".

I feel to list things bullet point style might be just enough to keep things "documented" for lack of a better word ... which is/was my original motivation for blogging, but might also give me some perspective. To elaborate on all of this would be completely boring for you, and over whelming for me!

So, here goes!

~ Dan has his thesis done. WHEW! Still need to proof read, edit, index and formulate into a complete 80+ page document... but it is almost there!

~ Dan has a little more than three weeks til graduation. THREE WEEKS!!! I cannot tell you how I have been looking forward to this day!

~ Home Schooling is on schedule - the kids are looking to be done early June. If I could only get the quarterly reports done and into the district, all would be well!

~ I had an amazing get two+ day get away with a group of ladies who are the core of my Ladies prayer group. We did a prayer seminar with hands on application following each segment. It was a wonderful time of friendship, fellowship Great Food, and prayer. (HIGHLY recommend you listen to it! If you want it in all English, contact me for two cd's. I have edited them to dub out most of the Czech)

~Savannah had minor surgery on her eye to remove a veruca. Because she is little, they had her to a surgery center to put her under... first time for that. All went well, and her little eye has looked so good- no more problems!

~ Olivia is officially enrolled as a student at Word of Life Bible Institute for the 2009-2010 school year. We were so up in the air as to how to advise her with her future plans. She has no real compelling desire or direction of study, so we just kept praying for the Lord to guide her. She was unsure about going away- even the 5 hours up to Pottersville, NY- but God has really given her clear direction. We are thankful to know what she will be doing in the fall... even though we have no idea what the rest of us will be doing!

~ Molly, our little Havanese puppy, has generously donated once again to her maintenance and upkeep by delivering 4 adorable, healthy, little black puppies. We will sell them mid-june for a tiny furtune, and pay off what debt we still have before beginning deputation. God has provided abundantly for our needs, and we have been able to stay mostly unencumbered by debt. It is good to "live light" and be free to move as the Lord leads without hesitation. When we began this "journey to Zambia" back in '05, we had no idea we would still be on the preparation trail in '09. We are nearing the end of this leg of the journey, and I am so thankful for the gentle and yet clear and firm leading of God every step of this course.

Well, that is a good start... We still have so much that needs to be accomplished before we whole hesrtedly begin deputation. Like a ministry video... and a ministry pamphlet. All in good time... or better said all in God's time!


Kevin P said...

Great update... will be praying for you and your family. Sounds busy but the Lord is working!

One question... what does the word, "hesrtedly" mean? I know your vocabulary is much more extensive than mine --- please, enlighten!

Janice said...

It means I was checking to see if anyone actually reads this thing any more!

And you are so right... my vocabulary is much MUCH more extensive! Worth the mistake if only to have that admission in writing! On the www nonetheless!

jen said...

Yay, Liv!! you'll love WOLBI…it's so beautiful up there!