Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms

This is a ministry founded many years ago that gives a voice in Albany for the Biblical Conservative Christian. A very clear and well respected voice as well. But one person crying in the wilderness is often drowned out by all of the screaming from the opposition.

NYCF has an amazing web site clearly designed and easily navigated. They make it Easier than EVER to be active in the world of politics. If you have a passion to see the Christian Values you hold preserved in NY, you MUST take an active roll. Please check this site regularly to be informed on the issues facing our politicians daily. There are links that allow you to send letters to your representatives telling them of your view on these crucial issues.

Like "The Bathroom Bill"...

"GENDA would open all public accommodations, including restrooms, high school locker rooms, health clubs, dorm rooms and other single sex residential facilities like homeless and family violence shelters to both
biological genders dependent upon how a person chooses to self-identify.

If this bill is NOT STOPPED, a high school student can claim they view themselves as a woman - when they clearly are not - and be legally permitted to go into the girls locker room, and no one can stop him. Your imagination can take this to all of the places this could be frightening and down right perverse.

Also there is a place to actually get the information on who your representatives are. If you are anything like me, it seems a little daunting to keep up with all of this. Who should I contact for what? When is it needed to reach them by to be effective? This web site has taken all of the hard work out, and made it clear, simple and effective.

Click the brown box for the NYCF action center, and scroll down to enter your information to find out who actually represents your voice in Allbany... and then tell them what you think!!!

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