Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Puppies and such

If you actually come to this blog as opposed to reading it on a feed, you will see we are under construction. Soon... I hope... we will look put together!

But! I told you Molly had four little puppies and have yet to post pictures so...

Here they are line-up style. Three weeks old- hearing and sighted now! We name them to keep them straight, so in order...
Maggie, Max, Jitters and Minnie

Each child has their favorite. This is Si with Maggie. She is the tiniest of them all- only 1lb 3 oz right now.

Savannah Loves Jitters. We names him that because he is ALL BLACK and looked like a coffee bean! He is the largest of the bunch- almost 2 lbs!

Micah's companion is Minnie. Named such not because she is the smallest, but because her ears stuck straight out, and she looked like Minnie Mouse.

If you are stressed out, just give a call and come over to hold one. They have an amazing ability to relax you! So sweet! And their breath really does smell like a skunk- so be prepared!


Anonymous said...

Awe Is Max anyones fav? :) They are all adorable!
~orange girl

jen said...

if they could only stay that cute :)

yay for Molly mama!!

Anonymous said...

Yes- Max is Levi's and my favorite =)

author said...

we just said goodbye to our missionary friends at our last missionary conference. Tons of crying and emotion and grief - mixed with years of love and memories and laughing.

The kids came home WIPED OUT emotionally from saying goodbye to their missionary world (their primary identity world) and Grace was exhausted. She was almost sick from crying but then she perked up a little and said, "When I get to America I'm going to hold those puppies!" Aahhh., salve to the wound. Can't wait to hold those puppies