Saturday, September 18, 2010

S*f*t*R... Home Improvements!

If we lived in a less mobile home (which we usually do so I am just a little more familiar with those issues as opposed to these) I know there are issues that regularly come up, small things that require repair and attention etc. So that our "home" is now a 1 ton truck and a 30 ft camper I should expect there to be some maintenance! 

Well, there is a tell tale sign when one has a problem with the... umm... potty pooper loo tank! We have had a rather malodorous wafting coming in more "regular" (ha ha!) frequency, and since we are in the south where the temperatures are still reaching the mid 90's nearly every day, the effect is rather pungent to say the least! We are in GA, and the family we are staying with has quite the supply of tools, so now is as good a time as any to investigate! 
Dan and the guys dropped the tank, and discovered a crack on the shaft that leads to the outlet valve. Basically anytime there was anything in the tank, it would find it's escape with any bump in the road. Little by little... but let me tell you it doesn't take much! While Dan was going to Camper World (we love them ... and they love us too!) there was a significant increase in the minor squeaking of the rear right wheel, and (Surprise Surprise!) the "check engine" light came on...!! Well the light is due to an exhaust issue... emission problems seem to be the choice of the day!! (sorry) So on to the wheel issue... 
 Off with the 8 outer bolts, then on to the 8 inner bolts, some grease pouring out, and voila!
Well, not quite, but they did discover some issues, and Lord willing will have them put back together in short enough time. It is currently 2:00 and we are supposed to leave at 5, so I guess that is the window of opportunity! We thought these were the problem... 
And Todd made a call to a "friend in the business" ... we love those kinds of friends!... and he said they were for our parking breaks, so not as critical as we (HA!! Like I know anything!  "they") thought. I guess those pad thingys are supposed to be the same thickness or something. And I guess it is not good to have oil pouring out of the hole in the hub, and metal shavings are a bad thing too. 

Whatever! Just please get it together by 5:00! We are supposed to meet all the people for dinner! I can update you tomorrow on the progress! 

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