Friday, September 24, 2010

S*f*t*R... OHBC in pictures...

I have decided I need to travel with a photographer... any volunteers?? And a vocalist would be nice too, but I can take it one at a time! All of these were pirated from one of the kid's from the church OHBC facebook pages! Terrible I know, but one must do what one has to do! I have a camera, and it never leaves the little case it is in. I just dont think about it! 

 This is the cake that Rhonda made. So well done and yummy! It was nice of her to put our name in the front so I could show it off on the blog! Thanks Sweetie! The globe was a massive rice krispy treat that she painstakingly painted... just for everyone to devour! Cake makers must resolve themselves to the fact that their hours of work will be but a memory on our taste buds and in our blog pictures!
 This is part of the teen bunch. A couple are from the church, and others are MK's that were there for the conference. The only other male competition our boys had (from the missionary families) were 8 and under... so it was a no brainer! They always make a bit of a stir in the teen department. I think it is because they wear nice clothes... but that is just a guess...!
Here they are eating at their now favorite restaurant- Fuddruckers. The pastor of OHBC introduced our family to this place when we met him in February. It has been their goal to return as much as possible ever since. I don't quite understand their affection for the place. It could be the massive burgers... or perhaps the decadent condiment options... whatever it is they love it. 
We always know the kids have connected well when by the second service they are plunked into the middle of the kids from the church. By the third service, Dan and I were sitting by ourselves as Savannah also found some friends to be with. Wonderful thing to have our children enjoy this with us! 
 This is (in order) James DeKoker (youth pastor), Jeff Bartell(guest preacher and pastor of First Baptist Church in New Philadelphia)) and Joe McKaig (Sr Pastor of OHBC) What an amazing series of messages out of Luke 5! They recorded it and have already uploaded it. You will do yourself a favor and go to the site and listen to the "give and go missions conference" Parts 1-3. Wonderful!
This is the Cowart family with (most of) us. They bravely hosted the kids of the missionaries the first night when we went to that lovely dinner at Grand Oaks, and whether they regretted it or not they never said, but the kids had a great time!

All in all it was a wonderful few days! We are so excited to have people like this partnering with us in our Mission: Zambia!


Anonymous said...

Me!!! I volunteer :) Would you like my resume? Lol

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Mom, your hair looks AmAzINg! I'm definitely jealous!
ps. we need to reserve a hair dying time next weekend :)