Monday, September 6, 2010

Stories from the Road- Leaving SC Part II

This was the final day together... always a good time for pictures. Mrs Lorie gave Savannah a perfect likeness of her dog, Prince. (aka scooter, or PBP... I cannot write what exactly that means for fear of retaliation by someone. I am just saying...) Savannah has not been seen without it since. 

This is Josiah with Jake... they are both a little crazy. I will have to try to locate video the boys took of the dog literally doing flips several feet into the air to catch a pile of dead leaves. You read correctly. The dog goes ballistic for leaves. The more the better. He also likes sticks, branches, rocks, pine cones, and an occasional water bottle completely wrapped in duck tape to form a ball. Don't ask.
Micah, true to his "gecko whisperer" ways is once again in his glee. This is not a dead little creature. He trained it to "play dead" on his palm. Well maybe not trained it, but it did do this several times! It may have something to do with being in shock or fright, I am not sure. But they played for a good long while, and the little guy still had his tail when all was said and done, so it cannot have ever felt too threatened, right?? The camera didn't quite catch all of the detail.. but you can see he is on his back, sure enough! 
Here is the whole gang, from left to right. 
Levi, Summere', Monica, Micah, Amanda, Grandma Betty, Savannah, Jake, Josiah and Tyler. 
There were actually 5 dogs altogether. They certainly made for an even more adventurous time, like 8 children is not insanity enough!!

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