Friday, September 3, 2010

Stories from the Road- North Carolina

Our time in NC reunited us with the Harvey family, who are long time friends and former members of our home church. Their children were teens while we ministered in our youth department back in our early days of marriage (they suffered only minimally from our influence - though many of you know Ken and Julie, so I will let you be the judge!), and Mark and Sheryl were key in the early days of Home Bible Studies. We loved their church, Mt Calvary Baptist, and Savannah was able to join in the children's choir. She didn't know one word of the songs, of which there was three... but that didn't stop her from hamming it up! She is standing on the right of Chloe, Julie and Todd's oldest.

We were just visiting the church with the Harvey's, but in the evening service the pastor gave Dan several minutes to introduce us and the ministry. We are planning to return in the Spring when we travel back south again!
 We look forward to visiting with these folks again!

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