Thursday, September 9, 2010

S*f*t*R... Camper Schooling!

There all kinds of learning curves to this nomadic life called deputation... schooling four kids in grades 11,9,7 and 3 is certainly one of the biggest! I wish we had a PODS that we could pull out of somewhere and set up where every where go! Space is definitely one of the challenges to be sure! 
 Since we have to use all the sleeping areas at night (Savannah gets the table bed, Micah gets the sofa bed), every morning it is a renovation project to get the "sleeping" space into "schooling" space. The guys need the DVD player for math (both are doing a chalkdust program) so they prefer the table.  We are primarily focusing on Math and English while on the road for so many reasons!

We are experiencing geography as opposed to reading about, and formal science will come when we are stationary for a while! Although we are conducting labs while on the road. You would not believe what grows on the surface of a camper floor! And the creatures that take up residence with us, while not terribly threatening, are certainly unlike our upstate household companions. Did you know there are really BiG spiders in the south? And scorpions, and lizards? Yup... Science at it's best!

I also have with me a complete folder of "BarCharts". Literally everything a child would need to know by graduation on so many subjects is available from this source. I have American History, Basic math, Pre Algebra and Algebra, Geometry, English Grammar and Punctuation, US Government, and Anatomy. I could have left all of the books at home and just traveled with this folder. Great resource information!
Even when we are home, the kids do not prefer a traditional school setting. As a "good-behavior" privilege, I used to let them do math on the trampoline outside! Mic is the most "creative"- which may explain his horrible challenged handwriting. We have a table he can use, but as you can see he prefers the couch! Savannah is the late riser, and is barely starting breakfast by the time the guys have (usually!) finished English.

I am sure there are many pro's to this as well. When I think of them I will post it... I am just a little hard pressed to come up with any.

Well, to be fair I can think of one. My house in Spencerport is staying ReaLLy Clean right now!!

Yep, I am always the optimist!!


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