Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stories from the Road...Thankful for Safety!

We are South Carolina staying on a piece of property owned by the missions pastor of a supporting church in Georgia. The ways the Lord gets us from place to another is so great!

Anyhow, it is hot here...very hot! We are staying in our camper with electricity run from the mobile home. This is the sight we saw the second afternoon! We smelled that tell-tale "heat" smell and went looking. The cord is on concrete in the picture, but originally it was in grass- half of which is fairly parched.

That we now know not to use this kind of extension cord will certainly prevent this from happening again, doesn't change the fact that the Lord provided great protection for us this time!

That would have been a terrible call... "Um... thanks for the use of the property, and you were insured, right??" We are still on a learning curve as camper dwellers- we pray the Lord is always this gentle as he teaches us what we need to know!

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