Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stories from the Road- Leaving NC

This is the Harvey's house - a beautiful 4 level house built by Sheryl's parents who retired here after 40+ years on the Asian mission field. They wrote a book "He goes before them... Even into Prison" to tell their testimony of the Lord's faithfulness while they were held by the Japanese as prisoners of war in China during WWII . I got a copy of it from them, and have enjoyed the reading very much. True modern day heroes of the faith! 

We left early in the morning from NC, and the field across the street was filled with these beautiful horses. There was an old bag of baby carrots in the fridge perfect for the occasion! 

After a brief lesson on proper horse feeding technique by Mr Harvey, Savannah and Micah tried their hand. They are such city folk when it comes to farm animals! Better than me, but still a bit challenged! 
 Savannah was barely awake as we just got her out of bed for the trip to SC, but the prospect of feeding one of these beautiful creatures revived her quite well.
The sun streaming through the trees was already quite hot, and the horses faces were beaded with sweat. These cold carrots were such a treat for them. They quickly began to congregate at the fence for one! 
It was a great final morning of our time in NC. What a blessing to be able to reconnect with so many friends from our home church. We were always saddened as people moved away over the years, but now we are so thankful as we feel like we have "family" in just about every state we have traveled in! 


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