Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stories from the Road-Within Minutes...

I apologize for the horrible quality- and really even attempting to get this with my phone was perilous, I tell you! I was leaning out over the river prevented from plunging 15 feet by only a tri-clustered clump of trees. 

But I got the video! 

We are staying in South Carolina this week, and within 30 minutes of pulling onto the property all four children were plunged into the river at the base of a fairly steep hill to investigate. We had called Bob, the owner of the property, who said there was nothing to fear in the water. Right, if water moccasins are what you call friendly! But he said just make alot of noise, and they wont bother you. Great! 

So armed with yelling and screaming, they bounded into the water. It is really a gorgeous running stream with rocks that form small falls, and sandy portions that scrub the bottoms of your feet as you walk. Dan and I joined them for a trek the next day, and it provided for some great cardio! Levi decided to go under water and propel himself- only to be stopped with a jarring crack on the head from a large rock! I missed getting the picture of the goose egg on his head! Perhaps he will do it again... NOT! 

Dan brought our camp chairs right down into the river and we settled them on some flat-ish rocks right in the stream, where I proceeded to take a little nap. It was so relaxing and cool with my feet in the running water, while the sun baked the rest of me! Wonderful! 


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