Sunday, October 31, 2010

S*f*t*R... A Covered Bridge in MA

This week ee are at a missions conference at Twin City BC in Lunenburg, MA. It is a great place that has been the parent church of so many works started in this area. It so reminds me of my home church for so many reason! I will post pictures of the auditorium that was built about 20 years ago... using the plans from my home church! We walked in and felt like we were "home" instantly! It was a great feeling! 

Our first day here, they treated ladies to a wonderful brunch. Just outside the building was this gorgeous bridge that was a perfect picture place. One of the ladies (Thanks Sue!!) had her camera and graciously took our picture. 
 Savannah and I don't have a lot of pictures of just us, so these will be precious memories for many years to come!
 I photoshopped them a little, but the bridge was so pretty in it's own right that it wasn't necessary... I just  like to play!
 This one is perfect all by itself! Look at the gorgeous Oak leaves in the forefront! I just LoVe everything about Oak trees, but that is another post :)
 Here is us with another missionary mom and daughter. Becky and Kayla. Savannah and Kay have bonded... they have traded shoes already and Savannah has borrowed her coat for a few days. That is as good as born-sisters by now! Even though she is 10, they get along great. Savannah might be able to "shadow" her for a bit tomorrow at school. It will be her first time in a "real" school classroom!

Here is a close up of the sign. I know it is still barely readable, but the top one says "This bridge build without use of federal funds". We all cracked up because couldn't they have just said "This bridge built by _____" ? It was just so odd to see that. I don't remember what the little one said... but it was much less memorable! I will have to google this and get to the bottom of it! If it is anything of interest, I will be sure to post about it!


Liv said...

Savannah looks SO grown up!

L!veLoveR!de said...

All the pictures are great! I love covered bridges. Miss you all!