Thursday, October 14, 2010

For As Long as You Both Shall Live...

"October 14, 1989"
21 years ago today, I married my best friend. My confidante. Truly the best person for me on the planet.

That is what we engraved inside our wedding bands. Honestly, we never thought we would ever have children... let alone have one in college! The rapture is surely closer today than it was 21 years ago, and while we still look forward to the Lord's calling us up... we are thankful and blessed to have walked with the Lord... his hand guiding us- hand in hand for these 21 years.
The way we were... He has surely improved with age. Men are blessed like that!

This pretty much sums up our marriage. This is a prophetical picture! It was a year before we were married... not even engaged yet. Him wondering "Is she for real??" ... me thinking "you aint seen nothing yet!
We were married at First Bible Baptist Church, in the original chapel. The day was beautiful.

We were surrounded by family and friends. Many memories are captured in this picture. High school, college, family, church. Everything is represented. We still keep in contact with every person in our wedding party! That is a blessing, as I know many people who never again ever see or talk with their best man or maid of honor, let alone some that were in the wedding party.
While we were so young, I don't think we could have made better choices in our forever mate had we waited until we were old and wise. God has blessed. We are thankful, and look forward to 21 more... unless He comes for us first!!



jen said...

happy anniversary!! I am cracking up at Dan and his pencil mustache…you both look fantastic 21 years later!! I love your testimony of God's hand on you all the while :)

Victoria said...

GORGEOUS!!!! You two are an example of a wonderful marriage where the love continues to grow. May God continue to shower his blessings on you both! Happy anniversary:)

Janice said...

Thanks to both of you!

Jen... now you know why I love the goatee!

Vic... we really need to get our families together again... sometime before we go to Africa! :)