Friday, October 1, 2010

An 'aha' moment with the laundry ...

Just in case there is someone out there who ever needs to know... Vera Wang bags go through the washing machine JuSt FiNe!!

It was nearing the end of our six weeks on the road, and Dan lovingly brought me back a Dove dark chocolate bar. {{love}} Being a woman of great self-control, I only ate half of it and then hid the rest in my purse. (I have a little more trouble with sharing.)

We had to travel EaRLy the next morning and upon reaching the next church, we stopped at a store to get some essentials. (yes, ice cream falls in that category!) When I reached for my wallet... the entire contents of my purse was generously covered in my precious treasure. Oh the WASTE!! Did you know the floor of a large vehicle gets extremely hot after traveling 10 hours nearly nonstop? Not hot enough to fry an egg... but certainly hot enough to melt chocolate! Needless to say my hands were also covered. It takes well over 12 wet wipes to do an in-aisle clean up. Just another tidbit for you.

Anyhow... we are home for about 30 hours and I figured "why NOT?"...and tossed the bag into one of the 9 loads of laundry I have done in the past 16 hours. Voila! It looks better than when I got it at the 2nd hand store. Who knew??

I am taking the good with the bad on this one!

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