Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things that make me Smile...

My cell phone is the most reliable camera for me. I usually bring the regular camera, but seldom get it out. These are a few of the pictures on my phone card that make me smile whenever I look at them. 

 This is Levi pressure washing a boat that he went on with Dan and Micah, and John, the owner.  John lives in Connecticut, very near the Long Island Sound, and the guys went with him on his last trip of this summer. They traveled the entire 20 miles across, had a luxurious lunch at McD's, and then came back. The whole day's events make our family really sound like jet setters! They had breakfast in Trumbull, CT... Lunch in Port Jefferson, NY... and dinner in Athol, MA! Only on deputation, I tell ya!
 This picture is Savannah with her BFF Livvie, and her brother, Sam. Truth be told she loves Sam nearly as much! The coolest thing is their mom is one of my closest friends ... and their papa is one of Dan's! It truly is a love affair of both families!! God is so good! I just love this picture... they were heading out after a day of playing, and we were getting ready to hit the road again. Just so many memories tucked away in my heart!
 Here is Molly Dog at her new home... with a snuggie on! Her new mommy is so great to keep us updated on how she is doing. I really think they love her more than I ever did! Savannah misses her tons, but all in all she handles it well because she knows Molly is so HaPpY! The funniest thing about this... our family has long mocked out the snuggie craze... A few of us own bathrobes made out of the same fabric though. Close as can be with out actually being one! Well Molly looks wonderful in her hot pink Snuggie! :)
 This is a picture under the pier at St Augustine Beach. It is such a cool place to sit. The day was lovely, and the kids were all running in the water and finding sharks, jelly fish, sea turtles and shells. Well, not really sharks. The best thing about this, though, is the date was late into September! As a born and raised Yankee, I would normally be in my snuggie bathrobe as much as possible by then, and here I was sitting on the beach! Florida is- truth be told- too hot. But I figure it is in my future, as KP keeps posting about the temps in Zambia!! hot - HoT - HOT!!
Speaking of KP... this is my Savannah and Analiese right before the P's went back to Zambia. She was just a peanut here! We cannot wait to get to Zambia! We are praying that the Lord will shorten these days of deputation... but until then we are certainly enjoying every moment of it! 


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