Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet GyPSy...

This is our navigation system. And we love her. She was a present from fellow missionaries the P's and Momma Jane. We love them too. 
But the reason I am so excited at this particular point is... She finally has a name!! 

Naming the GPS all started years ago when Dan and KP traveled to MS for the first time and borrowed a Magellan. They chose the syrupy sweet woman's voice, and affectionately named it "Maggie". (Now mind you, if I ever spoke to my husband the way she did, he would never give me the time of day, let alone follow my directions!) 


We then got our own GPS... a Tom-Tom. I always wondered why we kept calling it "Tom-Tom"... but the woman's voice was (once again) chosen. Regardless of what we called it, it flaked out completely. *note... Do Not buy refurbished electronics. Especially if you hope for it to keep you on the right road late at night in a rainstorm driving through Pennsylvania. Just suffice it to say, Danville is no where near my home, despite how desperately I may wish it to be. 


On to our lovely, new, NON-refurbished and very reliable navigation device! For months we just said "GPS", or in a really bad lapse of memory called it "Tom-Tom", kind of like the third child in a family that never gets called by his own name first. Just for fear it may spite us and fritz out... that needed to stop and QuIcK!!  

Then one day it just rolled off my tongue...  GyPSy! It is so appropriate on so many levels! We love that it has it's own identity that is so fitting and unique. 

You may now go on with your day that I am sure is much more complete knowing this bit of trivia about our family. You're Welcome. 

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Kevin P said...

now that it is named, I am sure she will be even more reliable and accurate!!