Friday, October 8, 2010

On Preservation...

I have long said if ever there was a fire in our home, the only things (besides living things!) that are to be rescued, are pictures! I have only a few really precious in my mind, but there are literally thousands of pictures in envelopes with little hand written memos like "Christmas '01", and "liv 7 yrs". Who knows which of these will be special to my kids? They are all in a huge vinyl bag... because I am the self declared worst scrap booker on the planet. I don't even try anymore. If I cannot do it on this blog, sadly it doesn't get done.

So... in the interest of keeping those few in a forever place (hopefully!), I am taking advantage of my scanner and this blog. Digital, here we come! The beauty of it is I can fix them too! In some of the originals there are small rips, smears and specks. With photoshop... VoiLa! I may offer a service to repair old photos, they turned out so well! (always thinking of ways to fund the mission!!) So, you blessed internet readers...Enjoy! Do not be confused...I did not put them in order. Girls together and boys together.

Olivia Danae
These are all the One Year photos. Who knew for Liv and Savannah I would have to keep that dress for 11 years!! And the shoes from Liv were long destroyed! Three brothers made sure of that!
Savannah Jolie
All five are exactly one year old, give or take a couple of days.
Olivia Danae
July 4 7lb-9oz 21" long
They look so similar, and yet so very different! One thing for sure, their little faces predicted their personality! Olivia- sweet and compliant, tender but not a pushover. Savannah, precocious and curious, generous with her love, but also her opinion!
Savannah Jolie
March 3 8lb-3oz 21" long
My girls are as different as night and day in so many ways, and yet so alike in others!
Josiah Daniel
January 1 8lbs-15oz 22" long
And the boys! Three boys in four years was like near to kill me. They were precious, rugged, and complete energy balls! My friend, Jolie, gave me this outfit when Si was born. It was an 18 months, and with the track record for Olivia wearing a 2T, I was worried it wouldn't fit them when they were one!
Levi Alexander
July 19 10lbs-1oz 24" long
Take a look at their birth weights, and you can see why I was worried! I am convinced birthweight has little to do with adult weight.
Micah Jesse
February 27 10lbs-13oz 22" long
I kept trying to get them to "pose" like the one previous, they each had their own style! Reaching, pulling, clapping... it is all good!
This is a sneak preview of the next edition of "preservation"... 6 weeks!!

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