Thursday, October 21, 2010

S*f*t*R... VT and ME

Dreams come true on deputation!! 

We loved it in Vermont, and we were able to help Cornerstone BC finish a painting project before the winter set in. We were glad to be able to be a blessing to them! It is always our hope that along with developing relationships and meeting people, we can somehow be a blessing to them. Our guys are always needing to be busy, if for nothing else than to get out of the camper! living in 300 sq ft gets a little tight after a while! 

After leaving VT, we then went to Sanford, Maine. Calvary BC is a mission work of the Bell family. They live on 81 wooded  acres here, and have all the necessary equipment to maintain it. All of this property was given to them from a dear woman who now attends their church. She was a retiree that had never married, and a godly woman that was adopted by the Bell's when they first came to this area. They saw she had alot of property and no one to help her with things. They were more than glad to get the wood and shovel snow etc. She had no children or other family to leave all of this to, and decided to adopt them as well! What a blessing! The Lord surely puts people together in poetic ways! 
 Our guys are true men's men... and anywhere there are guns, four-wheelers, and power equipment they are sure to be in their glee. Yesterday they spent the day shooting 22's, 25's and a 38. Pastor Bell is also a pilot that uses his plane to get him to the remote areas in Maine and other areas to be an effective minister, letting the plane take him to several locations a day! A far cry from driving! After shooting, he loaded everyone up in his truck and took them to the hanger. They have a couple of planes, but the only one in operation right now is a two seater. Each of the guys got an ariel tour of Sanford. He even let Levi and Micah "drive"!  Would you say that? Or steer? Fly? Whatever it is called... they had the throttle! I have to get the pictures from Levi... perhaps I will upload them tomorrow!

Anyhow, back to Earth... we were more than glad to give then a hand one afternoon doing some chores. That meant machinery. And plenty of it! This little back hoe, while very effective, was also a nice big toy. Dan now has a fall back job as a digger should he ever need it!
 Levi, Dan and Micah chopped, split, and stacked over two face cord of wood. The pastor heats his home with a wood burning boiler, so this will surely come in handy in a few short months!
Savannah got involved helping too. She figured if they aren't offering rides on the four wheeler, she may as well help! 
 So for a few moments she did... the rest of the time she spent waiting patiently! Bummer that the thunder boomers weren't just threatening though. The rain came down in buckets before the rides could resume!
 That is Pastor Bell in the green chamois behind the bucket of the digger. He started us off and then had to go do pastor stuff :)
They worked well and long. Hard work that wood is! Heavy too! I tried to lift a log and nearly fell down on the ground! 
 Pastor gave Levi a turn on the digger too. He said he did great! Perhaps he has a future career in this, who knows!
This is just what we have always prayed for the opportunity to have. A chance to be a blessing. We are not the typical missionaries... singers, instrumentalists, etc. Just a bunch of rugged, rough and tumble guys (tempered by sweet and congenial women...!) who thoroughly love all of this! Praise God! 



Michaila said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed your visit to our church (and getting to play with all of Pastor Bell's "tools"). I really enjoyed meeting you and your family. Hopefully, you can come and visit us again.

In the Love of Christ,
Michaila Blaisdell

Victoria said...

We lived in Vermont for over a year and Maine for 4 months. If it weren't for family and farm, I'd be back in VT in a second!!!