Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am finding out that of a surety I have no photographic skills whatsoever. And while there are amazing people in EVERY church we visit, I get so caught up in meeting them and getting to know them all, it is not until we are leaving the town that I begin to beat myself up for not capturing any of them in photos! If you are from a church we have previously visited... send me your picture and I will BE SURE to put you in my journal! (ps... this blog is my journal so if you are opposed to that, then let me know and I will just archive you in my computer)

So needless to say I never got the pictures of the auditorium from Twin City Baptist Temple... nor did I get pictures of at least 30 other people that made our time there amazing, but in an effort to preserve what I did take (In lame fashion with my cell phone...) I am posting them here!

I really need a traveling photographer to come with us... Orange Girl you are my likely candidate! Lol :)

We thoroughly fell in love with the entire fellowship here, and the other missionaries were amazing to get to know as well. Rebecca and Jen will forever be kindred spirits, and I pray we will se each other again this side of glory... perhaps many times would be great!

Pastor Erven and Susan Burke are wonderful people with a gift of perseverance and the joy of the Lord. We had some great fellowship with them and the church, as well as with the students in the Christian school.

Dan and Pastor here, at the end of the international pot luck dinner, the final night of the conference. YUM!!

Here we are with the Burkes and the Burkes! Nathan and Erika were great fun to chat with. He runs the church's radio station, and we would so love to get back there to pick his brain! And Erika, I ran into her in the mall, so definitely a kindred spirit! ;)

The funny thing about the picture is Mrs. Burke took this one... It was late after the end of the dinner, and we were scrambling to get some pictures takes. But... I wanted her in the picture! 

I took this one of her.... 

Add a little photoshop magic and Voila! Here you go! I had to mess around with the color a little to get it to look less "pasted" in, and lost a little of details but all in all it looks pretty good to me! 
 Here is Sandra and me. Love this girl! We have adopted her to be part of our family, and will have a spare room in our home in Chipata for her. She is going to help me decorate my whole house there. We will amaze people at what we will do with chitanges and grass and Mukwa accessories! Our family was able to spend an after noon at her home, and the guys raked out a "few" leaves for her. We felt so bad because that night there was another cold snap, and the remaining leaves from the tree were  completely covering the ground again! Thankfully one of the guys left a hat there, and Dan and Si were able to get a bunch of them up before we had to leave.
Here I am with Sandra and Susan. Love these Ladies! 
Another kindred spirit is Linda. Such a beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile- it is contagious! I love seeing my list of friends on FB growing as we travel! It is wonderful to be able to stay connected :)
Here are the guys with Ryan, the youth pastor. We adopted him too, but we are down on the list for him. I think I made mother #15 for him- poor guy! The church has a great youth room, and Ryan played ping pong very well, so they had a few games going throughout the week. The Lord surely has a way of blessing us.

The only downer is saying good bye. We look forward to any time our travels bring us to this church again!


jen said...

your mad photoshop skillz are wowing me!! you don't need me any more :)

Janice said...

I will always need you! If for nothing else than encouragement to keep trying!