Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Did You know ... ???

This is just a bit if info that often saves me moolah, buck-a roos, and mucho dinero.

Whenever I order anything online, I search for codes that will give me anything from free shipping to overall discounts on the entire order. You know at the end of the checkout process where it asks "discount code"  or "coupon offer"? Well they are out there in cyber space for anyone willing to take the three extra minutes to search for them!

Just today I ordered from CBD and got free shipping. ($8.00 savings - thank you very much!) 

A few months ago I needed to order a new laptop screen from a company I had never even heard of, and a quick search produced a 20% off coupon for them! That netted me almost $40!

So that is my tip for today. Take the few minutes and save a few bucks. Then support your favorite missionary with the savings!

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