Monday, November 15, 2010

"Come 'n Get It" ... a new (very sporadic) series

Aside from the fact that the glasses on this man in the commercial totally crack me up (... to think they must have been close to the acceptable if not the HeiGhT of fashion in the 80's is shocking to me!) this pretty much sums up the theme of this post... and likely many to follow.

In the spirit of purging (and staying true to the promise I made to myself years ago to never have a garage sale again!) I am making available on a first come first served basis the following items.

As a side, lest someone think they are helping and make the suggestion... I was debating craigslist ... but in light of recent events decided against it. Recently we listed our camper on there and my account was hijacked. Instead of selling a legitimate 2001 Flagstaff camper, I was selling a (likely stolen) 1997 Toyota Supra. I may have never know this switcheroo happened but fortunately the listing in Syracuse somehow got flagged and removed which Craigslist promptly notified me of, thinking I was the offending party. Which I wasn't. And do I really want strangers coming into my house to get an item that would likely only net me enough moolah to buy a wonderful Americano for me and a drink of choice for a fun-loving and dear friend at Cafe Macchiato? I think not.


These items have all failed the single question "keep it" test.

"Would I ship this to Africa?"   Yes = keep     No = purge

Also, the following items are available with two conditions.

1. You can "pray" for it.

Inevitably the item will once in a while cause you to think of me and/or my family. When that happens, would you pray for us? We are going to Africa, you know. That is far, far away, and potentially dangerous. AND there are wild animals there, too. Lots of reasons that we need prayer!

2. It is a first come first served basis.

You must come 'n get it (hence the lame title and youtube video). If you like me well enough, I will make you a drink of choice and we can sit for a while and have a visit. If I like you well enough, I may even offer lunch. =) (that was a joke - please... laugh!)

OK ... Ready?
 This is a fountain I got a long time ago, and loved it. But as it turns out, the calming sound of water bubbling over rocks makes me nuts. I never got rid of it because I love the look of it. And the idea of it. But I never use it. It would make a great planter but I have long ago also sworn off houseplants. We don't get along. End of story. Alas, it must go. 
These are wrought iron sconces... complete with dust. They are really nice and heavy- simple and elegant. They looked so pretty lit up flickering in the evening. (Sorry... the mirror is already taken. It is going to Pennsylvania!) There are two... you can see the other one at the far left of the picture. While these would likely take up little space to ship, it must first be decided if we are going to ship a container! When that questions is answered, then I will deal with decorating accessories!

So if you are interested, feel free to comment... but remember you gotta come 'n get it!

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