Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Well, I missed it again!

Mission Monday came and went this week again! I think I should just change it to "Random Report", as I know it would take the pressure off me and a few others I know! But I will just make note of my flaws and you all will still love me anyhow... Right? OK... on to the update!

My husband's boss got SAVED!!!

It has been a hard task for Dan to continue to see the purpose of him working for a large eyeglass retailer. As many of you know, that means crazy retail hours (including Sundays!), and man-power cutbacks all in the name of "bottom line profit dollars" without any regard for customer service! My hubby is a 150% kind of person, and that makes it all the more hard! The store puts out so many demands, no one human could ever meet them all. The integrity in my husband, though, pushes him to try!

He has long been burdened to obey John 6:27, "Labor not for the meat which perisheth", and has therefore striven to make his time there eternally profitable, and not only a means to earn a paycheck! This has been a great experience for him (and ME!) as we have seen how the Lord has made him bold in ways he may not have previously been. One usually feels the need to be covert and creative on an illegal endeavor. (Which is how witnessing seems, what in the day of "tolerance" and "everyone has rights except the Christian" and all!) He has out-loud witnessed to co-workers and patients while on the floor, punched in to work and everything! He has found conversation about the Lord will weave into every situation and it doesn't have to be "in your face" and obnoxious to be effective! He has been praying for this man for years now, and slowly but surely Dan's testimony and integrity have given many opportunities for greater witness and more pointed times of conversation.

Well, last week on Thursday, the entire day netted 20% of sales than a normal day... aka- dead as nails, long and boring shift! Dan spent most of the day witnessing to his boss! After the store closed they continued to talk until Dan asked him "What would stop you from right now calling on Jesus Christ to save you?" ... His response?... "NOTHING!", and right there he bowed his head in repentance to God and got saved! Dan was so excited to see "meat which endureth unto everlasting life!" It has renewed his desire to go to work there, and to want to go and do what you have to do anyhow is a great thing!

This man has already made comment that "they" (he and Dan) need to help another co-worker that Dan has been praying for almost as long! He has told his wife about his decision for Christ. This is a huge blessing, as we have known her to be searching for something, and even being open to tarot and other new-age things. We pray they would be open to discipleship as a couple, or at least the Dan disciple him one-on-one!

We are learning of many of the workers from our church's building project getting saved as well! The fields are truly white unto harvest!

What a great time we are living in! What a huge opportunity to jump in to the work of the Lord!

What an Amazing God we serve!


Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! That is great news. A Great God He is indeed!

Michael & Erika Barone said...

Praise the Lord! This is why Dan is my hero! He is so faithful!

Isa said...

What an encouraging testimony and a blessing!!! To God be the glory!! It just encourages me more, I'm only part-time and I know I'm there for a purpose, to be a light! It's so true what you said, with all our rights (our flesh, (pride) gets the best out of ME! In my ups and downs I keep reminding myself "I'm doing it for the Lord" And let me tell you the more I determined to live a life of integrity the more "tests" I see around the corner!! ^_~ He is Good, He is Good, His Mercies endureth for ever!!
P.S. Your Family pictures are beautiful!!