Monday, December 17, 2007

Mission Monday

Love with Shoes On

If you never have, take the time to listen to this audio. You will not be sorry for the time spent.

The first time I heard the above message, it was Thanksgiving day, 2006. I was in Zambia, Africa, with my husband and two children, and Missionary Kevin Pestke. We were driving on a horrible dirt road- the main highway in that region- clicking off mile after mile trying to return to Lusaka, and then continue to Kafulafuta Baptist Mission- a 10+ hour trip.

This message changed my life forever, but not so much because of the truth it contains or the compelling message and stories this preacher tells. The circumstance surrounding my first hearing this message was in the presence of a man doing exactly what the message was all about. Loving God and doing what He has called you to do in the face of any and all things.

The one year anniversary of that day - and Kevin's father going home to Glory- has come and gone, but the impact of witnessing Love With Shoes On has not diminished. It was by no means his desire to be 14,000 miles away from his family, or to have to talk to his dad for the final time this side of heaven on a crackly cell phone connection. For whatever the reason, though, God allowed these things to be. What I saw was: in the moment of the most sorrow to date in his life, he did not question the Sovereignty of his Savior, he still praised God, he continues to joy in his salvation.

I am so thankful for the example of real life people. I am so thankful for the friendship and example of Kevin in our lives. If scripture were to be written today, I am sure this would be included in the stories of 21st century passionate followers of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

Victoria said...

Kevin is a friend and a hero! I didn't know you all were with him on that day. I'm glad he wasn't alone (though we're never alone with God), but had good friends with him.

Michael & Erika Barone said...

I think Kevin is overrated.

I mean, outside of winning me to Christ, discipling me, and always being there for me...I can't think of why everyone makes a big deal out of him!

: )

Anonymous said...

Another great comment from Barone.

Anonymous said...

Missionaries are never overrated... especially this one!

Savannah said...

I too am Thankful to God for Kevin...God is so great that he brought Kevin all the way to Mississippi-then me all the way to New York- to meet some of the most inspiring Christians I have ever met, that I can now call My Friends:) I do not know what the future holds but I'm excited to find out!...If its half as good as the short time I have spent here with YALL ;)...I will be overwhelmed! Love you all...
Big Savannah