Monday, December 10, 2007


I give up! The time is flying by so fast I am not even going to try to keep up!

You know it is a futile effort when your four year old says "Wow... today went by so fast!" I don't remember anything but loooooong days when I was a kid!

Once again I feel a little less than great. Thought I had it whooped, but I must have kept one 'lil bugger for such a time as this. The Puffs company didn't profit enough from my last bout. Let me tell you I can only go for so long with napkins, and then I must use tissues! Wow, my poor nose! (I hope that is not TMI for those of you with more delicate sensibilities!)

Institute is almost over for this semester... THANK YOU JESUS! Although I am not the one actually doing all the hard time in the books, I sometimes wonder if that is not the easier of the tasks! This truly is the closest I ever want to come to single parenting! I know he needs to devote huge quantities of time to school- I am just glad I don't have all little ones anymore! I think of Sarah and Steph... God must be carrying you through it all... there is just no other way!

Dan is doing absolutely great in his classes- the Lord has increased his brain or something, because I went to college with the man, and he didn't use to be this smart! Whatever it is, he is (we are!) thankful! We look forward to his second-to-last full semester... shouldn't be too tough. Two of his 6 classes will only be Church History II and Greek IV... hmmmmm- both Pastor Curran's classes. Is that just a coincidence? Or does he specifically choose the less liked more difficult subjects to teach?

I think this should be all for now. No one reads long posts unless they are written by a sick, stressed out, slightly medicated, over tired mother of 5. And then it is not with interest or pity- it is just for ammo! So in the interest of self-preservation... I will go for now.


Victoria said...

I had Don for Bible class at NCA - he ENJOYS difficult! Glad your hubby is doing so well! Pray that you will continue to stay strong!

Get well soon!

Kevin P said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Hindsey said...

Hey, I got 6 out of 11 on the Holiday lyric quiz... is that good or bad?

Janice said...

On the quiz... I got 5, and I had to Google one answer! Is that cheating? At least I got the ONE song about Jesus right!