Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just a little Comment on Comments

I am not whining too badly here, just a little.

Is anyone else as challenged as I am by the comment security boxes? You know the ones... They have all the random letters and numbers in barely recognizable fonts and all sorts of angles and not in the least on a straight line. The penmanship teacher in me just cringes when I see them! (note: I am not so bothered in the least by run-on and compound sentences!)

My real complaint is that it takes me more time to type the little letters in the box than it did to type the entire comment! Mind you, I am not a speedy typer either!!!

Just a little hint here to make your life easier as it did mine...and I discovered it completely by accident. Really.

If you don't type the letters and just hit "post comment"... it will give you another box... with different characters! And if they are longer and harder to read, do it again! One of those times you are bound to get an easy one, and then the stress is much less.

Go ahead - try it! Only not on my blog. Because I don't have that "security" feature on my comments. Not because I don't wish to be secure, I just do not in any way want to discourage anyone from commenting. And has anyone ever actually seen a random computer generated comment, anyhow? I was just wondering.


Hindsey said...

I have gotten a total of one computer generated comment on all of my posts, so I don't have the feature on. It was in Portuguese, I think.

Stand fast, and leave the comment security off... You can do it!

Victoria said...

Thanks for not making me do that "letter" thing - I was just thinking how annoying that is! Glad I'm not the only one irritated by such inconsequential things!:)
I got the same comment Andy did, but I got it twice. They must like me better!