Friday, December 28, 2007

It has been a while!

I was gifted with my own computer several days before Christmas! Oh the Bliss, I thought, at having my own internet connection and desk and key board! I would be able to walk away and pour myself some nice warm tea without calling "fives" on my chair! It surely seemed like life would be good with respect to my time spent on the computer!

A bloggers dream come true!!

Well, you all know I have a four year old, and children are so much brighter these days than a few years back! An afternoon of "what can I let her do so I can get a little gift wrapping done?" turned into me competing- on my own computer- for computer time!!! Yikes!!! How did I let it get so out of control?!?!

What is the culprit wonderful child's interactive website that is causing all my dreams to blow away like dust in a windstorm? See for yourself, here.

It is a really great place to visit- I had several minutes of fun while showing her how to navigate the site. I am getting a little tired of it, but she enjoys it. A lot. Perhaps too much!

I wouldn't mind the real thing, (is that not the cutest idea... and face!) as it would free up my chair, but I am sure I would suck up the pieces in my vacuum as I am a non discriminate vacuumer! ... if it is small enough to fit through the nozzle, it will be hosed-for lack of a better term! And what fun is a puzzle with only 3/4 of the pieces?!

Any suggestions for other things to keep a precocious little girl busy? And out of trouble? And that does not involve my computer?

I am sure the next big event in our family will prove to be attention grabbing. Molly is due for her puppies within the week! We are expecting her to have 3 to 4, and cannot wait to see the little 4 oz wonders! I will be sure to post pictures!


Anonymous said...

ok yo ureally like confusing things, just to look at this puzzle web site makes me nervous, and to be timed at it? Why do you do these things to yourself?
confused again friend,

jen said...

did you get a Mac??????

Janice said...

No my friend, Jen, I got a dell... but it was free and I love it so very much!( please little PC do not sense I am dissing you in the least... just keep on working like you always do! I love you!!!)