Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silo Trees

Having the chance to travel a good portion of the country has been fun and educational in so many ways. We love seeing the landscapes change from region to region, state to state. From rolling hills to jagged mountains, to flat landscapes that have straight highways that go on for as many miles as the eye can see. 

We have been in Heartland, USA, the past few weeks. Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas or KCMO / KCK as the natives call it! The city of KansasCity is half in Kansas, half in Missouri. I say that only to clarity to the other two people (besides myself) who didn't already know that! (Oh my poor home schooled children. Such a disadvantage they have simply because I am their mother...!) 

Anyhow! One really unique thing we have noticed in this area are the abandoned farms with partially broken down silos with full sized trees growing in them! 

 Here is an excerpt from this site on the Silo Trees.
"In many Great Plains states, trees have trouble surviving because of the relentless winds. An abandoned silo can provide just enough protection from the wind for a sapling to sprout and survive. After the roof caves in on an abandoned silo the structure catches seeds and protects the young saplings from strong prairie winds. Sunlight and rain come through the top of the silo, and the tree continues to grow until the branches and leaves spill out over the top of the structure."
 So cool! I just love the spiritual application as well. They survive because of the protection of the silo. I also think they strive a little more to reach the top because as a sapling, very little sunlight may have reached it. That would have forced it to drive deeper roots, and grow tall and straight. Once it is able to brake the top of the silo, it becomes a massive canopy with deep roots and a flourishing set of branches.
Perfect to bear fruit!

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