Saturday, October 20, 2012

Better late than never...

Savannah has celebrated the past three... and likely the next several... birthdays away from home. Her last time to have a birthday party with her friends was when she was 6, and we figured that just would not do! Her birthday is in March, which isn't the greatest month to have an outdoor party anyhow. We decided that while we were home for this summer, we would celebrate right!

We themed the party "Minute to Win It" and had all kinds of games and challenges. The weather was perfect, and the girls were adventurous! Perfect combo!! 
We let them decorate their own cupcakes with plenty of frosting and little candies...  
Thankfully they are all between 8 and ten... they don't mind their pictures posted of them shoving massive amounts of sugar in their mouth! 
Their moms didn't need to feed them for the rest of the week for the caloric intake of that single afternoon! 
Dan thought I was crazy as I put box after box of candy in my shopping cart at the dollar store. I kept envisioning these girls... with these smiles... and kept putting more in!!  
I am quite certain there aren't dollar stores in Chipata, and I know for positive these little precious girls won't be there...!  

But thankfully we have the memories, and these pictures, and likely a few ounces of fat as a memento as well!! 

Before we left for this trip, we were able to participate in our home church's Bible Conference. One of the kid's crafts was a personalized write on wipe off boards. Savannah made hers girlie with flowers and hearts... so cute!  
 And the first leg of the journey wrote a thesis of epic proportions for a child of her age.
 I just love this, and I am thankful that the pre printed words are true, no matter what and ALWAYS!! "Jesus Gives you what you need!!" And very often, Oh SO MUCH MORE!!
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