Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 More Days...


A group of people appointed to undertake a mission or take part in a formal process on behalf of a larger group.

I have just over one more week... 10 Days... 240 more hours for deputation traveling to (potentially) be over.

We are at 92% of our support, and are praying about our departure date soon after the new year, and know we will likely not be traveling again before that. (We may go to New England... but for me that will be a visit to family!)

At this point, I am a little weepy, a little Excited, and not a little overwhelmed at the prospect that this journey of the past few years may me coming to a close. It has been the hardest, most faith-building, and encouraging experience I have ever had.

We have experienced some real victories, such as the salvation testimony of two of our sons.

We have experienced some real challenges.


Travel trailers. 


All words that pack deep emotion to us now!!

We have met more of the Body of Christ than we ever would have just living in our home town. We have learned that the Body of Faith in Jesus Christ is a Vibrant, living, GROWING organism that is beautiful and hurting all at the same time.

We have been the recipient of some of the most sacrificial giving I could ever imagine. And we have been stretched to be sacrificial givers as well. Not of the monetary sort, more of the "dreams" sort.

Our children have been put in the position of being subject to the will of THE Father by their father, and they have demonstrated true Grace in that, as well as struggled with true crisis of will meeting will. We have watched our family Grow Up! Not only in physical stature, but in the Knowledge and the Grace of our Lord and savior. Truly if this journey had no eternal value, I would agree with Solomon, and say vanity and vexation of spirit! It would just Not be worth it!

 I have watched my husband become a great man of God. I have seen him earnest in prayer over a second preaching opportunity 5 minutes after the first. I have seen him be our rock in the midst of an agonizing trial. I have leaned on him more times and with such force, and after been amazed at how he didn't move one iota, because he was leaning on Christ. I have said over and over... I know this guy... and he isn't the same man I married. God is truly doing Great and Mighty things! Things I don't even know enough to ask for!

The sheer number of friendships that have been made, and the caliber of people we have included in our Family!! There are dots all over the map that are places of home... bits of heaven gifted to us in this life. People that are going to be in so many places all over this globe, called to minister to different kindred, tribes and tongues. All for the same purpose. For the same goal. The same God! That He would receive the Glory and honor due! That more would sit at the Throne forever more praising Him and Singing "Holy Holy Holy" to the Lamb!
 The hours in the van or truck. Days spent driving and nights spent in parking lots of Wal Mart, Camping World, or various churches. Weeks spent away from home. Changes in weather, and changes in gas prices!

Times of missing events at our home church with our "church family", traded for times spent with other churches and other "like-faith families"... truly all the things that seemed like sacrifices were only exchanges for another amazing thing! God asks us to Lose our Life that He may give it back more abundantly. I have lived that!
 Beautiful times with my kids in beautiful places. Time spent sharing our burden with people that  we never had met before, that within moments of meeting, we feel like we have never not known them! ONLY GOD could be the common denominator in all of this! Truly th eLord meant it when he said let me give you life, and give it more abundantly!
Learning to love other people, melding our hearts with theirs, and blending our family with theirs. Loving their children like my own, and praying with them for their families, like they are my own. Praising and praying, healing and rejoicing, sharing and shouting! Our GOD is Worthy!!
 We have gone to places we would have never been able to go! Met people we would have never met! Seen some of the most beautiful places, and tasted some of the most delicious things!

All because we said Yes... we are willing. We had no idea what that meant at the time, and now I am sure we have no idea of what that can mean for  our future. If someone told me three years ago exactly what lay ahead of us, I don't know if I would have been able to walk one step.

I love that we have been able to reconnect with families from our home church that have moved away for one reason or another. We have even closer bonds with some of them now than when we lived close. Again... that is the Lord!

Our children have become men over these past few years. Little boys have become young Adults and have seen what it means to follow Jesus. As we see the Lord moving them into paths of their own, I am so grateful to have had this time with them! Living in a travel trailer, while challenging, also was such a gift! We have had such amazing times and so many memories! Truly the Lord has blessed us with this time... with them!

Some times they have been crushed by the weight, and other times they have fallen onto the Rock and been broken. I pray more the latter, but in every case I know that God our Father takes pleasure in being the master potter and loves molding us again into a vessel fit for His use.

I know that I look forward to the next phase of our lives. I pray we will be as challenged, as encouraged, I know I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for us!

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