Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Day at Silver Dollar City...

While in Springfield, we were able to take advantage of being so close to Branson, MO, and enjoy a day at Silver Dollar City. Thankfully friends had coupons to seriously reduce the number of silver dollars they wanted for us to enter the city!! It is a GREAT theme park though, and such a wonderful atmosphere as well. 

Dan and Micah went off doing "guy Rides" for a while, and Savannah and I enjoyed some less adventurous sites. 

Like becoming a long horn steer for a minute! 
 Savannah LOVES LSU... sorry to some, and I love the fleurs de lis symbol, so she wanted to get a limestone carving of one. The guy made it for her while we walked the park, but I was able to get this pic of her as he finished one like it.
 We then sat for a while and enjoyed a Trick Ropeman, and he called for a volunteer, and Savannah was very happy to participate! He had ropes ready, and taught the two volunteers to do a lasso spin... or something like that!
 Hard to see, I know, but he then gave each two ropes, and they spun both for a while. It was super cute to see her up there for a few minutes just enjoying the stage for a bit!
 We were being hosted at the Lange's house, affectionately named the "Lange's Linger Longer Lodge", I am sure because of people just like us!

We originally met them in Florida while on deputation, and then returned there and stayed with them again, and then again a third time! They moved to Springfield, and we returned once again to Florida, and seriously missed them, so we decided to go to MO!! Not really, our schedule just happened to bring us right through their new home area, and we were thrilled to have time with them!  This is a Dan and Jason... Savannah has taken a liking to getting a picture of Daddy and whoever we happen to be staying with. Thankfully so, because if it were up to me...
We do warn people that if you don't want us to return, don't say "come back anytime!" We are VERY likely to return!! Thankfully many really do mean it! 
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