Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankfully we do not drive a "Compact Car"...

Just a "Well Packed" one!! 
 Notice the car-top carrier... it is loaded down with a bunch of SB's crammed and suctioned with every piece of clothing we figured we could do without for a few days... or weeks!  The inside of the van has more bags and boxes and baskets... and SB's that (unfortunately!) expanded prematurely and may forever be lodged in place until we decide to cut them out!
Hard to say what is going on in their brains right about now. They are doubly homeless in the passed 10 days. We moved out of our house into our camper... and now we have no camper. This is either insanity or following God. I pray it is the latter...!
Chair backs have become coat racks, and seat cushions have become ExTrA cushiony with three and four blankets layered on them! Ma Hayes was snapping all these pictures as Dan and I were only slightly out of our minds preoccupied trying to get it all in and not bust the door hinges at the same time. 
 We drove out without incident... (I whispered that if you were wondering why it is so small.) I am not superstitious but I do believe in opposing forces and am praying for God's favor on us and protection from the wicked one. God wins the war, but we are in these battles through the journey. We pray we are found faithful, following, and believing all along the way.
We may regret vacuum packing some of those clothes...! This is looking to be the trend for the next few days! I know, most of you are enjoying 15" of snow and sub zero wind chill! We will take this in stride, and get out our hoodies and fuzzy slippers!

Stay tuned... I (HOPEFULLY) see another episode of "Flip this Camper"in my future!!

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Louise Metzger said...

Love you all, and praying for God to make you worthy of the strange walk he has given you to walk! Praying that you will soon have a "home" xxoo

Mrs. Vicky Smith said...

Jan Jalowiec - you are still my hero! I don't know how you do it. Praying for you.