Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wow! Web Crawlers or what??!

Remember my previous post about how I sung the praises of those bags that get sucked down and make all of your stuff really compact?! Well they commented on the post! NO LIE!! Check it out... the one from correspondent(I have changed the name to avoid further attraction to this post!) Here is a KEY to help you read the comment...  (@=a) 

Hi Janice,

Just wanted to say we are happy Sp@ce B@g (SB) was able to help you pack all your clothing and blankets! You seem to be on quite the journey, and it is good to know our products are able to help out in some small way. Please feel free to visit SB's online community - the Sp@ce S@vers community - and share your story of using SB products with other members. We also have many articles and blog posts on s@ving sp@ce and getting organized that may help you in the future. Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the rest of your travels!
Best wishes,
Sp@ce S@vers community correspondent

WOW! Do I feel stalked now! Caution and Beware what one puts on the BloG!! 

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