Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Tea Time Treat!

I think if I had been driving I would have passed right by because this little treat was in the middle of regular residential houses in Largo. A couple of the staff wives brought me and Savannah, and the other missionary wife, Ana, out today to this tea house. It was cozy and filled with everything tea, girl-ish and flowery. 
Someone had a knack for making mosaic benches and counters for an outdoor bar-type seating area, and they also had a penchant for collecting everything and anything that struck their fancy. I think this business stemmed more from their love of collecting than for making delicious meals!
 I could have photographed for hours and never taken a shot of everything. It truly was a sensory overload in some aspects, and a complete delight in others!
 The floor was painted so beautifully with large tropical flowers, and I was sad that the sun was shining so brilliantly that I couldn't get a clear shot of the whole area. (Even as I typed that, I debated striking it as the date on the calendar read February 26, and I KNOW back home everyone is currently hunkered down in frigid temperatures and feet of snow! I almost feel a little bad about complaining about this lovely, skin-drenching-with-VitaminD sun! Almost!) (That is the worst of my evil side. Really!)
While the tea was to be a treat for us ladies, I doubled the moment to include it as Savannah's last tea party while still 7! Her birthday is March 3 and it seemed too soon to celebrate this as her birthday, so the other option worked! 
 Here she is in a bus renovated to be everything child and tea and pink. Her little companion is Bailey,  one of the twins that escorted us. Bradon (her brother) was NOT as enthusiastic about this place!
It was time to get to the table to enjoy the brunch, and Bradon quickly decided he was done with all things pink and flowery. His mommy saw a teeny spot on his thumb that may have been the cause of the problem, and we asked for a little ice to put on it. They brought out their ice, and it was absolutely perfect for a finger boo-boo! It was like a little frozen mushroom cap, and it fit right over his thumb. 
 It kept him a little entertained for a few minutes, but thankfully we were nearing the end of our visit, because he really just wanted his bed, and we needed to get him home!
I want to have an Ice Maker like this! Aren't they great?! How crazy that in light of all there was to see, I was thrilled with the ice! It was a wonderful treat with some equally terrific ladies! Thanks so much New Testament BC, and Janette and Kim! We had a delightful time!
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