Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sp@ce B@gs to the Rescue!

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Here is our solution to the dilemma of how to cram all of our possessions from a 32 foot camper into our 15 passenger van. While the van is without question quite large... when there are all the bench seats in it as well as 6 people, there is quite a limitation on space! 
We packed up the entire contents of the camper into our van and brought it to the Hayes. Thankfully they have a carport, for while the North is getting feet of snow dumped onto them, we are getting the "warm weather" equivalent... Torrential Rain! We are looking for a new camper but have yet to find the right one. We are leaving Louisiana tomorrow to go to Gulfport, MS, and really need to have a solution to this! 
How to consolidate the clothing and the bedding was the primary issue, and thankfully we have watched enough TV and Sp@ce B@gs commercials came to mind! We got several jumbo XL cube bags, and VOILA! 
Shove, squish, push and SuCk! Darline's little shopvac did the job. 
Slowly but surely the mound of clothing and pillows and blankets and coats vacuumed into hardened, colorful little brick bags. 
Sadly the kitchen supplies wouldn't get any smaller! :)
Literally this was un-passable before. Dan purchased a car top carrier to hold much of the junque, and hopefully it will be secured and ratcheted down well. Also we are hoping it is aerodynamic enough to cut down a little of the wind resistance and scoop the air over the camper when we get one! 
This is what the older guys did while Micah helped me consolidate. Nick and Devin have a 1985 Dodge truck, and Si loves wires and speakers and the guys got a new stereo for Christmas. That is a sure fire recipe for manly bonding time! 

Maybe tomorrow I will post the post packing pictures! This will be interesting, is all I can say! 
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Nancy said...

Hey my sister,
So glad God brought you to the retreat before the next few pages of your story unfold....but I want to encourage you. Have you read the book Patti recommended-"Radical"? I read it in two days. So convicting and I thought about you and your family and how you can say, "I live radically for Jesus and the gospel to the nations." Matt. 8:20 "And Jesus saith unto hi, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath no where to lay his head." You are conforming to the image of God....

correspondent said...

Hi Janice,

Just wanted to say we are happy Space Bag was able to help you pack all your clothing and blankets! You seem to be on quite the journey, and it is good to know our products are able to help out in some small way. Please feel free to visit Space Bag's online community - the Space Savers community - and share your story of using Space Bag products with other members. We also have many articles and blog posts on saving space and getting organized that may help you in the future. Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the rest of your travels!

Best wishes,
Space Savers community correspondent