Monday, April 21, 2008

MM - NYC Here we come!!!

30 Teens...
"Orange Girl" redeeming the time and giving a tract to a fellow passenger

8 Adult Chaperons... hopefully!
(Both the "number" and "Adult" quality are in question here!)

Olivia and Elizabeth teaching some children the "wordless bracelet".

Six days in the Big Apple!!

We are taking the FBBC Summit Ministry Missions trip in June, and Dan and I are so excited to both be able to go with them! I cannot wait to go!

In the city we will meet up with a team from Word of Life Bible Institute, and daily we will be doing street ministry with preaching and painting boards to attract a crowd, as well as children's ministry- some in a few of the roughest parts of the Bronx. We will bring thousands of tracts to sow the seed of the Gospel, and pray the Lord of the Harvest brings in a great yield of souls! Daily there will be miles of city streets that will be covered on foot, as well as sardine-like rides on the subway.

All Aboard!!

All in all it will be a great time! Olivia will be the veteran missionary on this trip, as this is her third time on the team. Dan was able to go last year, so I am affectionately called the rookie of the three. I will do my best to represent well, and will follow up with many pictures and testimonies of the greatness of our God!


Anonymous said...

ouch Bad picture...I could have found a better one for you :) lol
~orange girl

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about this. I love it when parents & kids get to do a ministry stretching experience together. You can process it differently and then I think it is easier to take some of those thoughts "home" with you. Have a great time!
Andrea Pitcher