Monday, April 7, 2008

Mission Monday

After last nights message from Pastor Tumia, I think it fitting to put out a plea...

Looking for rope holders!

If you weren't there, let me explain!

You know the phrase behind every great man is a great woman. The same applies to a successful missionary.

We recognize that the Lord will stir the hearts of others who will come "with" us on our mission.

They will be prayer warriors on our behalf.

They will be people who give of their treasure.

They will be friends that encourage us and keep us accountable.

They will be voices in our home and supporting churches that make others aware of who we are and what we are doing so that though we are gone, we won't be also forgotten.

They will be those that e-mail my kids that are on the field, and in my absence love the ones in the states with a mother-like love.

They will be the ones holding the ropes of our mission.

"They" might be you.

We are wanting to go to the mission field, and realize that a boat can only float if there is water under neath it. We are wanting to be fishers of men in a foreign land, and are unable to outfit the boat on our own. Hence the plea.

Would you pray if God would have you be part of our mission? A member of "Team Jalowiec"?

As Dan nears the end another semester if institute (seven down, one to go!) we are excited to be making hard and tangible plans for the mission field. Planning our "packet" (you know the one that makes you look great and tells about your testimony, vision, mission, etc...) has become a major focus of all of our free time. (All, HA!) Dan is waiting with bated breath the assignments his summer school instructor will give him! (... um, yeah, that would be me!) We need to be focused on the preparation steps so that come graduation in May '09, we can begin deputation on the road. I am actually looking forward to deputation! The testimony of the Tsoukalas' and the Barones have been such an encouragement to me! I cannot wait to see my husband every day for more than a few minutes, and to be busy actively living out our call and purpose.

Mike Ireland recently told us "don't forget preparation IS service to the Lord!" That was exactly what we needed to hear, but it still doesn't make us any less excited to get on with it!


Kevin P said...

Sign me up! I will hold your rope for sure!!

JulieMom said...

I'll hold the rope too, and promise not to Vaseline my palms first.


Mrs. Vicky Smith said...

Already been praying!!!!

Anonymous said...

YES! A mission Monday post :) May I hold a rope?
~orange girl