Thursday, April 24, 2008

Action cures Regret!

Last night at church was an amazing night! The Summit Youth Ministry Teens took over the adult service, and they thoroughly ministered and edified the whole church. There were tears, cheers and many moments of reflection and decision. The "air" was refreshing in the service, as one could feel the washing of the Holy Spirit had swept through the place. It was a GREAT night! (If you would like to see it, I would encourage you to order the service on DVD or view it on the FBBC Website.)

But, the title of this post is prompted because of something that happened after the service. I was talking with friends and another couple that the others knew but I hadn't met before came up and they joined in the conversation. After a few moments, I realized the husband was so familiar, but I couldn't place him. I finally asked him if I met him before, and after a second, we both realized we had gone to high school together. Both Junior and Senior high school! Six Years!! We were both in band, classes, and class trips. And not one time did I ever witness to him. As a matter of fact I was really a terrible witness for Christ in high school. I wasn't a bad kid, and people knew I was "different", they just thought I was shy or weird.

What really hit me was something he said. He said he wasn't saved until 2000, and he wished I had told him about Jesus in High School. Now, who knows if he would have listened, but the fact is still the same... he is right and I should have told him! I have often thought of people I went to my public school with. How many of them may never hear the Gospel? How many of them might have listened when they were 16, but won't now because of all that happened since then? I am not questioning the sovereignty of God, only my lack of service to Him in my younger years.

So... what am I going to do about it?

In talking to John last night, I knew I had left "the dropped ball" sit for too too long. While I may never see most of them ever again, I can pray that they will hear the Gospel some how, from someone. I can get out my old yearbook, and with purpose call out their name before the throne of God and pray for them. For Sandy, Johnny, Zena, Lisa, Tom, Tracy, ...and the other 367 people that I graduated with.

Lord, help me to make this a priority. Help me when I think it couldn't possibly make a difference what I do now... that I am 23 years too late. Help me when I let regret overshadow action.


Anonymous said...

In person I'll have to tell you the story about God redeeming the consequences of my sin in my high school friend's lives...Ps 130 - with the Lord there is full redemption. He can also redeem back all those missed opportunities I had - redeem back all those sinful consequences in other's lives due to my sin & immaturity. Pray for them. Tell God you'll be faithful to tell His testimony to them if he brings them back to you...and watch them start crossing your path!
Andrea Pitcher

Savannah said...

What a great reminder post Jan- Action cures Regret...I like that! Thank-you for posting:)

Victoria said...

My mother-in-law absolutely LOVED Wednesday's service!

Our Pastor and his wife weren't saved when they graduated from Gates Chili - but they constantly are meeting classmates of theirs that have also gotten saved in the years since - some of whom go to our church. Keep praying - the Lord is working!