Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So who will you vote for?!

I took this test, and it told me I should vote for someone I really would never vote for! That fact told me I needed to learn more about some issues, like foreign policy and immigration! I say that because the areas of disagreement were on my "less important" scale, and therefore not something I would consider myself to be well versed on. The things that matter most... Mike is my guy! I know he is a Baptist preacher and professes Salvation, and therefore needs to be lifted in prayer as the wicked one seeks to destroy those that are not his.... and all some of the others, well... he won't need to bug so much!

Thanks, again T. for the great computer link! Fun if not also just a little helpful!

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add said...

nice link - I got R. Paul... But Huck was not far down the list...