Wednesday, January 9, 2008

As Promised!

I am a girl of my word if nothing else.

(Please, if you have an example of me not being as I just stated... keep it to yourself. Or e-mail it to me real private-like, so I can delete it forever, and no one will know!)

Here are some pictures of my new little "charges". I use the term tongue in cheek, because hopefully the revenue they generate will enable me not to! (Charge that is!)

Here they are!!
These are two of the three. "Wiggins" is on top, and "Shani" is under.

All three with Mommy. She is such a good momma!

There they are at about 3 hours old.

They are not the cutest yet, but believe me they get too adorable! They are Havanese-Poodle, or "Hava-Poos". I live "PooVanese" better, but they are not as widely recognized by that name, as most people not living in Cuba have never even heard of a Havanese!

They will grow up to be little 6 pound puff balls of silky black hair with a good wave to it. All three have a little white crest of their chest (just like momma), and some white on the paws. Little #3 girl has no name yet... we cannot agree on one that won't cause us to love her just too much and decide not to sell her! She has three very white paws, and the fourth is black. So cute!

Do any of you have a suggestion for her name? I realize this post is not about Kevin, but people can comment anyhow. Really!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

I must admit that at the first glance of the very first picture I had no idea what I was looking at. I will be truthful with you and embarrass myself by letting you know my actual thoughts ("wow, that's a weird shaped four leaf clover and its black")- LOL (btw, I would like to point out that I had not read the blog before looking at the pictures. Should I have done that I might have spared myself the embarrassment)- I ventured on to the second picture (still hadn't read the blog). Ding, ding, ding - that's right! I realized what was going on and it brought a huge smile to my face. I love puppies!!!!! If I were able to have puppies in my apartment I would so purchase one or all of them! LOL :-) (Just to put your mind at ease I did finally read your blog)! Wiggins is a fantastic name!

Luv ya,
City Girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

My mom and I think Kali goes well with the other two names :)
~orange girl

jen said...

oh, I can't wait to meet them!! they look all fun and squirmy. I just may run away with one in my pocket. or not. um, I wouldn't do that to you, really. I must agree with "ms. anonymous" in that I thought I was looking at a really dark purple flower in that first photo before I read anything in the post!! I tend to come up with weird names for pets, based on personality, so I probably can't help you out on that until I meet her…

Savannah said...

Hi! Well you know I love the names too!;)...When I get there TOMORROW:-) You'll have to tell me how you pronounce Shani;) And I like the Kali name too- I can't praise God enough for what He has done for me this week!Tell you all about it soon!!
Love and praying for you all! four leaf clover! HAha that made me lough out loud!:)

Anonymous said...


I am glad that made you laugh!!! I love when I am used by God to make others smile or laugh.

I see that you have a blog as well! I would have posted a comment however you do not allow anonymous comments. That is very wise of you!!!! Or else you'd end up with absurd statements like the aforementioned comment about the black four leaf clover. LOL :-)

It was great meeting you and I hope to see you again when you are in town. I realize you probably have no idea who this is and that is the beauty of it....however I am sure if you ask Kevin or Jan they will reveal my identity. LOL

See ya soon - I'll be praying for ya!

Jan --- don’t go and blow my cover on your blog!!!! LOL :-)

City Girl

Victoria said...

HA! You could name her "Kevina" and post regularly about her and tons of people will comment!:)

Victoria said...

BTW - congrats!

Um, I just read your comments - "Flora" seems to be a good one as I thought it looked like a flower or clover, too!

Anyway, now you have SEVEN comments!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I got to see them! Thanks. Shani is my fav. :)
~orange girl