Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, they are 10 days old and still blind and deaf. Their eyes will open this weekend while I am at a retreat, and that should make things a little more fun! They will then get creative, and learn to get out of their confinement...! This is "Lyssie"... of course none of the names will stay after they are sold. It is just easier for us to track them now!
Here they are all together. Wiggins on the left, then Lyssie, and Shani on the right. Molly posting guard! They are about 12-14 ounces now. Still a bit to grow until they reach their full 6 pounds! Whew!
Hard to believe these little things might generate enough to purchase a ticket to Zambia... God knows!


Anonymous said...

Shani is so cute! She even looks bigger then when I saw her :)
~orange girl

Victoria said...


Sandra said...

They are SO cute :)

Savannah said...

Good Morning! It is 22 degrees in Wiggins, MS! That is COLD for snowed 30 minutes North:-)
So, I was thinking...I may need to get a couple of pups! So I can pay for a ticket to Zambia!;)
Miss ya'll!