Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It is a Great Big World...

As I sit here "laptopping" (... a term coined my 4 year old!) my boys are watching a movie on soccer. It is always so funny how when we see someone who excels in their "field" - literal grass covered or otherwise! - we are somehow inspired to do the same! I begin to think... I would like to play soccer that well! or Football is a great sport! Or even hockey... during a Sabres game, I sometimes wonder, would I actually enjoy playing hockey... could it be so? (The ONLY exception- golf. There is nothing that could inspire me! ) It is a phenomena in my house how depending on the "feel good" sports movie of the month so goes our kids favorite sport! "Facing the Giants" = football, "Miracle" = hockey... you know!

Well, I was having these thoughts while checking my "inbox" , and I got an email from a girl friend telling me about a local man who definitely excels in his sport- mountaineering.

He is a former Rochester Democrat and Chronicle news writer, and after the Lord changed his direction, he now is president of a ministry called "Climbing for Christ"- C4C for short. Take a few minutes and browse the site. It is a very impressive ministry. They climb into remote regions of developing countries and bring the Gospel to those who have not heard the Good News. Who knows when those people might otherwise ever hear! Some of these regions are so remote they are untouched by outside influence. They have mission type climbs, and are certainly worthy of support. Prayer support, if not also financial! (In the "testimonies" section, read about a man who spend 6 days in a Saudi jail... definitely in the refiners fire!)

The reason for my friends email to me though, was the following...Chaos in Kenya. To quote a part of the article- "Kenya has long been one of the most stable and economically developed nations in East Africa, but it has descended into chaos since the election."

She wondered how close this was to where we hope to go. It is one (very large!) country separated to the north east. It is incredible how there can be nothing but a political border separating these countries, and the genocide, tribal wars, political corruption and unrest can be so isolated to the regions where they rage. There is no ocean or great river to keep the trouble "up there"... just border guards with machine guns! That makes me feel a little better... just a little! I heard something a while back that gives me great comfort at news such as this. "Safety is not determined by the absence of danger, but by the presence of God!" So true!

So what is the point of all of this?

It is so easy to live in America and create our own little haven of peace and tranquility. It is possible to remain ignorant of the plight of our fellow man, to dismiss the needs of others, to tend our own four walls and feel like it is enough. But... is it right? As Luke said "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:" And we have been given so much, I know no one who would argue that. We can do something! A little is better than nothing, and do you remember what God did with 5 small loaves and two fishes? I do!

One thing we all are called to do is pray. Intercessory prayer is praying on the behalf of others. At the least we should become aware that we can effectively do that!

And... let the great athletes of the faith be our inspiration! May I expose my children to men and women of God who excelled in their "field"- the mission field! How great would the testimony be of any child that said David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, David Brainerd or Adoniram Judson were their hero!

Boy, this really should have been written on a Monday! Oh well, remember this for next week!


Savannah said...

"Safety is not determined by the absence of danger, but by the presence of God!"

I Love this!...So true :-)
This post is very positive and encouraging in all situations!! Even here in Wiggins;)
Sometimes we "fear" people or situations too...So I'll think back to this quote a LOT at my job! Ha

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is MONDAY!