Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who knew?

Who knew I would have so much fun?

I had a great day-after-hubby-was-gone-for-the-anniversary rescue date with four of the greatest friends on the planet! We went out to P.F. Changs. Thanks Coach Christina for your gentle introduction to the newbies. Then after we were done, which by the way was a few hours in the completing, we went to Eastview Mall which also by the way, is NOT just around the corner from ANYTHING except a cow field!

Let me tell you though, Eastview Mall will never be the same again. On a sleepy Monday night the place was transformed into our own private spa! And for FREE!!

First, we had our hair done in "up-do" fashion by a great girl whose hubby is deployed in Iraq. We wanted to get pictures but there was a copyright law or some other weird thing that prohibited it. Like we were going to scoot right home, and purchase hair that we would then weave onto some attatcher thingy and make our own...! Not likely! Anyhow, no picture! I am totally getting one of those! I can now really have the best of both worlds, speaking of the realms of hair worlds! Cute, shorter, sleak "fashion" do for every day, and then for those more fiesty (aka bad hair) days, clip on the long locks, and years of "growing it out" have been averted!

Then we experienced a complete full body massage. I cannot remember the name of the store, but we filled every chair that offered shiatsu, roll out-in-around, pulse, heat, and squeeze massages! Some all in one chair! I am telling you, the next 4G I have that is not completely earmarked for braces or school curriculum, I am getting one of those, too! I know, that means I will never get one, but last years deluxe model is now only $1700., and I could totally scale down and take that one just fine! (Now you all know the #1 item on my Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Valentines, Columbus day, ... any "gift giving holiday" list! Maybe all y'all can pool the resources...!)

Needless to say, I still missed my hubby. We considered ordering Dan Dan noodles to feel like he was present with us... but the Mongolian Beef won out.

Such a great night, and one I will remember always! Thank you to you all!!! :)


Amy said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Janice! It sounds like you had a great night on the town! Don't you just love good friends?

Anonymous said...

Jan, Jan, Jan.... I had a wonderful time last night. Seriously that was so much fun. I did not want the night to end. We should totally do this every couple of months ---- Btw, you hair looked fantastic last night. You should so sport that look. Thanks for hanging with a "city girl".

jen said...

it surely was a blast...I haven't laughed that much in ages! If I could only get one of those massage chairs that would LOOK good in a living room...