Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Mission in Progress #5

I have been a part of a ladies prayer group for the Ireland Family for about 6 years now. We meet about once a month to collectively bring this family before the throne of Grace. It is so exciting and amazing to have a part in their ministry, even thought I have never stepped on the soil of Ukraine.
They have been faithful to God on the field for 12 years now, and are seeing amazing things happen there. There are men, nationals, who are beginning to rise up and take the lead in the churches that have been started. Their 7 children have grown to feel like Ukranians in many ways, the most obvious is their love of the people! What a great opportunity to be involved in the most effective and vital part of their ministry- prayer!

The more we are faced with the eventuality of going to Zambia, the more I know we need prayer! It is so humbling to hear people pray for me, and that is where I need to be- humbled, set low, and looking up to God.

About a month ago, my friend and her daughter asked me if I had a prayer group. I said, "yes, that I am in the Irelands"... and she said "No, do YOU have a prayer group for your family?" ... I was floored! WOW!!! God had put in their heart to consider being part of our ministry! At the most important level... right in the very, very beginning! I was so taken back that God was already moving in the hearts of people, my friends, and it made me rest in Him all the more! To know that He is taking care of the details before I even considered them! What a great God I have!~ Psalm 139 is a very familiar chapter, and God proves to me it is true in ways like this.

Some prayer requests!

~ For the Ireland Family!
~ The timing and assembling of our families prayer group
~ For the family that expressed interest in hosting it!

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Victoria said...

What better friend than a friend who prays? I'm praying, too!