Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My New Friend...

I was given the gift of a new friend this weekend. It will be a love/hate relationship- I already acknowledge this- but it WILL be a relationship nonetheless.

In my ever-desiring-but-never-quite-accomplishing quest to become a runner (term used loosely, for now!), fall has once again arrived. This is the time every year that I employ the "torrential rain and icy wind" excuse for not venturing outside to exercise. I live in Western New York, after all! (...yeah, all that means is there will be great weather until mid January,at which time snow will come unrelenting until sometime around Memorial Day!) Global warming! Blame it for everything! ... What was I talking about?... oh, right. My new friend.

I was given the gift of a treadmill.

I have actually used it.

Three times.

I really like it! Really! What a great excuse to listen to music way louder than I usually do for 25 minutes? (This means I do NOT hear the children calling me for things they really can handle themselves. PLEASE!!! I AM ONLY ASKING FOR A LITTLE TIME HERE! ) sorry for shouting.

There is a verse in 1 Timothy 4:8 "For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. "

Focusing on the "profiteth little" part, means it does profit. Little is better than none!

If anyone has ever had a struggle with issues of weight, visit a new friend of mine,Calamity Jane. I have been inspired and motivated by her posts. While we hold very different beliefs on God and faith, I am still very impressed by her life and what she has shared on her blog. She is very transparent, and real. I like that. (For a little more on the differences in our faith visit Here) .

Please don't be afraid to ask how my new friendship is growing. Maybe it will be obvious if it is going well... I hope!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jan, Maybe it is the whole having 5 kids thing that makes me want to get in shape, I don't know but I ran 1 and a half miles the other day and I felt like I was going to die. But I am going to keep trying. I guess I thought I could pick up where I left off 12 around 11 years ago when I ran cross country in high school. So I am writing to encourage you to keep trying. I think in the long run we will feel better and become better and healthier moms. Side Note: My mom would say it is not just about excersise it is diet too. :) That is almost harder than exersice:) - - - Sarah Hinds

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yo go girl(s). I have not had any kids however I feel like I am going to die after running 1 and a half miles also. :-)

Victoria said...

Just THINKING about running a mile and a half makes me want to pass out!! But, anyway, you're going to do great, Jan! Stay healthy and happy, always!

Janice said...

As an update, my friendship is growing nicely. I cannot tell any difference anywhere except my satisfaction of knowing I DID IT! Even today , my "first" day (ladies, you know what mean...!) I spent time with my new buddy! That is an accomplishment!