Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome to Manhattan!

While I have been to NYC a few times, it is always fun to see it through the eyes of someone new... and even more exciting when it is my own children! Josiah, Micah and Savannah have never been to the city, and everything was a new frontier to discover! Savannah was a little unsure of what The Subway was in the first place, and when we went to the A train at 80th St in Brooklyn,  the anticipation was fun to see unfold in her.  There were many teachable moments, and I was impressed to see her understanding everything so quickly. 

She made mention that it was fun to see all of the people, but she knew it was impolite to stare. I share her sentiment! It was quite an adventure as on the first leg of the journey into Manhattan, a "pregnant, homeless" woman came in with a box of candy bars and began giving her schpeel on how if we buy her candy bars her child wont have to cry because it is hungry... Very sad. On the train back, there was a man selling DVD's from a backpack. "Get your shopping done here...!" and watch out for the bootleg police! 
We first went to the American Museum of Natural History. We were also told the price for admittance is a "suggested donation". Whew! We suggested a bit less than they did! 
 This was the craziest of all the exhibits to me. I meant to take a picture of the plaque telling its description... it is called an Okapi. It has zebra striped legs, a head like a horse, and little horns and a purple tongue like a giraffe! Maybe when I get to Zambia we can travel to their region and see a real live one!
 We walked from the museum to Central Park. It is much less intimidating in the daylight than I would have imagined. After all of the movies and shows that have crime scenes in that park, I was a little jaded about it all!

 I am learning my children love heights. And climbing.  We went down to the little pathways and bridges, and the next thing I knew they were all scaling the rocks. I saw no signs saying not to, and there were park employees doing gardening that didnt say anything to us, so we let them! 
 Up, up, and still  higher up!
 Savannah has no problem keeping up with her brothers!!
 Then we were off to more important things... Times Square! 
 The m&m's store... so fun! 
 I just love these guys! Once again, I have yet to find our regular campers, and all of these are with a cell phone. Ugh! 
If you look to the far left of this picture you can see Micah and Savannah (Purple and Red hoodie jackets...) in the big teletron picture! 

Today is Dan's birthday, and we plan to head down to the Trade Tower site, and possibly China Town. I will see if I can get a purse from a back room somewhere. The teens from the missions trips have taught me well...!!  More to come, I am sure!!
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Kris said...

Hey Janice! What great memories you are making with your family. Looks like a blast to me! Enjoy the rest of your time in NYC. Tell Dan Happy Birthday for us. Steve's birthday is tomorrow. Enjoy!
Kris Williams