Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lord, Teach Me...

We have been "home" for only 8 weeks since August 24, 2010. (By home, I mean in Spencerport.) That is a pretty staggering statement to me, knowing exactly what that entails in vivid, personal clarity!

Savannah Livvie and Sam <3
More so what that means is, my children also have been gone from friends, church, events and activities that most kids take for granted. They have been amazing and exceptionally gracious. Their attitudes have had so few moments of freaking out, (for MUCH the lack of better terms!)  I honestly couldn't give one example. I know they will have great reward in heaven for their stamina and perseverance, but I personally don't remember that being a huge motivating factor for Me when I was their ages. I am just saying.

At Cathedral of the Pines overlooking Mt.  Monadnock
So what motivates them? For the most part, and this is just a guess here, sheer obedience. I think they are learning more and more what it means to "lose your life" for God's sake, and I know the Lord is giving them grace for every day. It is wonderful to hear their unrehearsed answers to people's questions like, "So do you want to go to Zambia?", and "So what is it like to live in a camper for several weeks on end?"
With Besties :) 
I remembering looking forward to this time of deputation traveling with my family knowing how quickly these years fly by. I am Very Much enjoying nightly routines of games in the camper, and seeing my children interact with people they would have otherwise never have met. I love that the guys have a great relationship with their little sister, and even if there are other choices, they often choose each other's company.
J's & B's
I love seeing people ask my guys to come work with or for them. When they return without fail they tell us how well they worked, and what nice young men they are. I am bragging a little, but truly it is like taking credit for the beauty of the sunrise. The Lord has gifted us with wonderful children, and we are blessed.

One of the greatest blessings is the gift of friendship with people. The body of Christ is vast and far reaching, made up of people from backgrounds and cultures as diverse as snowflakes. The bond of Christ knits our hearts with people in ways I could never have imagined. 
Friends from NH
I have met people all over this East coast that if I lived within 30 minutes driving I would often sit over coffee with. People come to my mind and I just miss them, even though the accumulated time I spent with them was barely the span of a church service. I may not even know enough about the details of their lives to "intelligently" pray for them, but I still lift their faces up to the Lord, as truthfully in some cases I don't even know their names. Why the Lord has given our family this gift of time called "deputation" I may not fully know this side of Heaven. That it gets tiring sometimes is understandable. That I, too, get homesick for family and church is definitely an understatement. But for all of my being a "goal oriented" person, I am really enjoying this time. 

The Lord is gracious and patient and kind and good. Oh, and He is so much more than that! 
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