Friday, May 6, 2011

Travels with Flat Stanley!

I was honored with the task of traveling with Flat Stanley today. He is a little friend given to me by Trenton, a little man we met in Florida. "Hi Trenton!!" Anyhow, I knew we would be going to New York City, and what better place to take a little Stanley from Florida! 
His first experience was the subway. We took him on the A-Train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. That meant he had to go under the East River to get to the Island! 
 Savannah was a pro by this time, so she made sure to hold him tight and keep him company. The train is VeRy BuMpY!!
 We arrived at Ground Zero, and we were able to get him WAY up on top of the building to see the whole memorial site. The cranes were huge, and the empty space left from the destroyed buildings is enormous.
 We then took him to the Tribute WTC Gallery. There were timelines of all of the 9/11 events all over the walls and a replica of the Statue of Liberty with many of the memorial notes and flowers left at the original site.
 Here is Stanley next to the model of the memorial site. It is almost perfect size for him!
 I think he has a desire to become a fireman now... though I don't think it is the best profession for a man made of paper!
 There are so many hats to choose from! He couldn't decide on one... I guess so many choices are a bad thing!
Now for a boat ride across to Staten Island! These ships are three levels and run 24 hours a day!
Say Good Bye to the South Side for a little while! 
Here we are half way to Staten Island, and there she is! Lady Liberty! It was a beautifully sunny day with the wind blowing. We did our best to keep hold of the little guy! 
He got a little adventurous and thought he wanted to swim but we convinced him that was not a good idea!

Flat Stanley is going into his little yellow envelope tomorrow to head back to Florida. I hope he had a good time in The Big Apple! Stanley, tell Trenton hello for us! When Darren is old enough... maybe his Flat Stanley could come with us to Zambia!

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