Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Wasn't Expecting That...

I have recently discovered Mr Cle@n M@gic Er@sers. (refer here to understand the @!) Don't ask where I have been all their lives.

I vaguely remember my sister telling me of how they rescued her from major rental fees after they cleaned up sharpie marker her daughter had used to decorate the walls of a hotel.

And I have seen the ads for them on TV. How can they be missed?!

But I never really purchased one and put that bad boy to work on anything. Until now.

Living in an almost entirely plastic environment in my little camper (meaning whatever is normally porcelain or stainless is plastic. (Yes, I know. Fun.) Gone are my days of Ajax-ing everything. My mom faithfully instilled in me that Ajax and bleach... truly all you need!

No more abrasives for me. Well at least not cleaners!

I had bought a pack of these erasers thinking they would remove nail polish that had been spilled on carpet, and while they may have been successful if I tried them immediately, 30 minutes after the fact they were not successful. It said "Magic" but I believe powers darker than what I am willing to conjure would have to have been employed. Not going there.

Anyhow, the two pack ended up in the camper after the big move out, and while cleaning the camper I grabbed one of those bad boys and proceeded to clean every surface... almost magic-ally! They are great! I even revived our little toaster that I had though doomed to be varying shades of tan and grey. Now it is white again!

Why didn't people tell me?

I mean they have been selling these for years I think, and surely some of my friends knew of their wonderfulness and maybe just thought I didnt need the help? Maybe they figured I would find out by myself? Maybe they thought I wouldn't like them? After all they are a little pricey if you just look at the initial cost.

After I evaluated my thought process wondering who might have withheld such wonderful knowledge from me, my thoughts went in a completely different direction.

If I got a little miffed about people not telling me about stupid sponges, how upset will people I know get when they end up at the Great White Throne judgement and think, "Why didn't you tell me about this?!"

Oh! that I will tell everyone about Jesus! Truly he IS wonderful and can make all things new. Really new!

Strange where my thoughts run this beautiful Sunday morning. Thank you Jesus for another day to PRAISE YOU!

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