Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Constantly Settling... yet Never Really Settled!

This journey of deputation has been filled with amazing adventures and equally amazing challenges. One of the biggest for me lately has been the constant state of transition. We are seldom in one area for more than a week or two - and that includes where we call "home". Since January we have been in Rochester a total of 10 days, and the next longest stay in one location was three weeks in Mississippi when we were "in between" campers.

We are now settling a one bedroom basement in-law apartment that will be "home" for us when we are in Rochester. Boy oh boy it seems huge compared to the camper, but it is still only one bedroom and any cooking we do will be on the grill or in the electric skillet. Savannah commented, "There just isn't any big table to do anything on...!" The largest table that will fit is 3'x2'! Please don't confuse my informing with complaining. It is what it is, but somehow it feels right and very much like home.

However, if any of you have ever moved you know the expected challenges that come with it. One of the biggest things our family faces is, what do we refer to the spaces in the home as? Is this the entry way or back door? Is my purse in the back room or the hallway? The kids beds are also in the living room area, and the main closet is also their clothes closet. When I need them to get something for me, I have to tell them 8 ways from Sunday where and what it looks like...! It is a little exhausting sometimes!

The other challenges are settling the different spaces. Do the bath towels go in the hall closet around the corner? What about laundry baskets? The kids beds are in the living room, but do the dirty clothes go there too? What was once our book cases are now our dressers. What would have been an ottoman is now a table to do school on. And the kitchen and food goods... where do I put the cups vs. the plates? Thankfully (I am really thinking glass half full here...) there is only one place to even consider in this little place... and who needs pots and pans where no stove is?!

What is perhaps the craziest thing of all, it is truly easier living in one consistent,  though painfully small space like the camper than constantly transitioning from place to place. And while there are so many unknowns and uncertainties, the things I do KNOW are what ground me and give me great peace.

Transition, adjust, shift, and manage. Those words describe what my emotions and expectations have been doing. I am an adult with 44 years of life and experiences to draw from and still struggle at times to make heads or tails of it all. I pray my children find a source of God's overwhelming peace and supply for themselves, as truly that is only how this will be OK in the end of it all!

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